Tue. Feb 18th, 2020

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‘Wombo Lombo’ Hits 1M Views on YouTube After 6 Years.

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Famous Beninese singer, Angelique Kidjo, released her Fifa album in 1996 with hit songs such as “fifa”, “Akwaba” and “wombo lombo”, which recently hit a million views on YouTube.

Following the release of her feature on Nigerian singer, Yemi Alade’s ” Shekere” which swooped a million views in three days, it’s evident that that was the reason for her uprise of views on her video.

“Shekere” incorporated verses and pinches of chorus from the francophone singer’s “Wombo Lombo” – almost like a rendition.

The African song coupled with the richly inspired African video followed the release of the ‘fifa’ album. However, it’s release on YouTube was in 2014.

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